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Our staff of certified fiber contractors have over 20 years of experience. Our projects cover a wide range including inside and outside plant installation, fiber to the home, and field supervision. Our clients include broadband providers, co-ops, telecomm companies, and electric utility construction services. Call us today for a free consultation on your next project.

Past Projects

  • Prepared/spliced 12ct, 48ct, and 96ct+ fiber cables in Comscope  B enclosures for new NGN Communications FTTH network customers

  • Completed enclosure documentation to verify fiber spliced correctly from CO to customer.

  • Installed and spliced SM aerial fiber cable using bucket truck or ladder for new and existing clients.

  • Verify fiber path for upgrading customer network services to DWDM or CWDM.

  • Prepaired/spliced SM distribution cable in FDH, MINI NIU and point of contact access locations for Google Fiber MDU FTTH installation.

  • Performed insertion loss, power, and OTDR test from FDH to customer point of contact to certify links conform to TIA standards.

  • Provisioned Zhone ONT's for Mercedes Stadium peripheral connections to fiber GPON network for employees, venders, and customers.

  • Documented fiber cable location, connectivity, and troubleshooting results for record updates.

  • Re-spliced, troubleshooted, reported low light levels for 15 existing pedestals and provided recommendations for better customer signal quality for Baker’s Bay Bahama’s Marina FTTx network.

  • Certified 450 fiber optic technicians to date according to Fiber Optic Association (FOA) standards.

  • Completed 225 4-Day, fiber basic training courses to date.

  • Mentored and gave career advice to 20 students in the Udacity/Google pilot program for fiber optic installers.

Equipping New Field Technicians

Our specialty is equipping new fiber technicians and fiber contractors. We increase productivity for new associates by training them for fieldwork. For new fiber contractors, our support services help new projects get off to a strong start. We help techs learn company standards and processes, operate equipment, and provide assessments. We can also add fiber optic certification. Let us discuss a custom program. Call us today.

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