Fiber Optic Training and Fiber Optic Certification

Information Sessions

Join us at our next information session. Ask about our courses, get payment recommendations and talk with instructors. Sessions usually meet Sunday afternoons for one hour. Sign up online or with a team member at (678) 515-0115. You'll receive a confirmation and meeting details within 24-48 hours. Our next sessions are: 2/20, 3/06 and 3/20.

Fiber Optic Skills Training


Students completing an installation simulation.

Get your fiber optic training the FiberNexxt Way. It's our method of combining strong theory, practical applications, and personalized attention in a comfortable learning setting. Plus, with our 95% pass rate, you can rest assured you will pass the Fiber Optic Association (FOA) certification exam for the course. Whether you're a new tech, experienced tech or a manager, we have a class for you.

For more information contact us online or talk with a team member at (678) 515-0115.

Basic Classes

4-Day Certified Fiber Optic Tech

(4-Day CFOT Class information & schedule)

Regular Fee: $1495. Pay $1195 by registering 30 days in advance, and $1295 by registering 14 days in advance.

Regular Fee: $495. Break up our 4-day class into 1-Day sessions to fit your schedule.

Get fiber knowledge and field skills, then earn FOA certification. Take our fiber optic training in a one-week session or break up the training into 1-day sessions spread over two to four months. The 4-Day CFOT is our most popular class. For class details, call today.

Our next 4-Day CFOT classes: 2/21, 3/14 and 3/28

Live in-person class fee: $795. Pay $495 by registering 30 days in advance.

Live online class fee: $695. Pay $395 by registering 30 days in advance.

If you have at least two years of work experience, our 1-day course gives you FOA certification with minimal time away from work. Students receive an update on the latest theory and industry trends. Our 1-day CFOT class fits most schedules and usually meets in-person on Mondays and live online via Zoom on Fridays or Saturdays. For more information, talk with a staff member today.

Next 1-Day CFOT Refresh, Live In-person class: 2/21, 3/14 and 3/28

Next 1-Day CFOT Refresh, Live Online class:  2/12, 2/26 and 3/19

1-Day fee: $495; 2-Day fee: $695

Learn basic splicing or testing skills in our 1-day courses. Or, take our 2-day course and learn both skills. These courses are a good option for those who want to enter the fiber industry or those who want to add splicing or testing to their expertise.These courses do not provide FOA certification. But, you can apply course fees towards a 4-day CFOT course. Ask us how. Call today.

Next Splicing Skill Builder Class: 2/22, 3/15, 3/29

Next Testing Skill Builder: 2/23, 3/16 and 3/30

Next 2-Day Skill Builder: 2/22-23, 3/15-16, and 3/29-30

Advanced Classes

2-Day Certified Fiber to the Home Specialist

(FTTH Class information & schedule)

Learn how to splice and connect fiber cable to the home, communications cabinet, and other types of premises. For more information, talk with a team member today.

Next FTTH Class: April 2022

2-Day Certifed Fiber Optic Specialist

(CFOS Class Information & Schedule)

Earn the Splicing Specialist or Testing Specialist fiber optic certification. Learn advanced splicing skills to connect enclosures, pedestals, and cabinets. Our testing specialist course teaches advanced testing skills including using an OTDR. For more information, call today.

Next Splicing Specialist Class: April 2022

Next Testing Specialist Class: April 2022