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Fiber Optic Training and Fiber Optic Certification

Fiber Optic Training We Offer


Students learning connecting skills.

Learn fiber optics the FiberNexxt Way! It's our way of combining strong theory, practical applications, and personalized attention in a comfortable learning environment.

Our 99.9% pass rate means you can rest assured you'll pass the Fiber Optic Association (FOA) certification exam. No matter your skill level, we have a class for you.

For more information contact us online or talk with a team member at (678) 515-0115. Ask about our group rates and advanced registration discounts.

Basic Classes

4-Day CFOT Class ($1495 Live in person; $1395 Live online)

Live in-person or live online 4-day, FOA-approved class covering basic techniques. Go to our 4-Day CFOT page for more information.

1-Day or 2-Day Skill Builder ($495 1-Day; $595 2-Day)

Live in-person class. Learn basic splicing or testing skills in a one-day class or learn both skills in a two-day class plus earn a certificate of completion. Visit our Skill Builder page for more information

Advanced Classes

2-Day Certified Fiber to the Home Specialist, $795

Learn advanced techniques for assignments such as cabinet setup or pedestal termination. For more information, visit our FTTH Specialist page.

2-Day Certifed Fiber Optic Specialist, $795

Learn advanced techniques to become a splicing or testing specialist. Splicing learns mid-entry methods. Testing students get OTDR training. Visit our CFOS page for more information. 

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