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FiberNexxt Communications Team

Our students say, "learn the Levi Way." The saying is FiberNexxt slang for Levi's, our lead instructor, training method. Levi combines strong theory training with thorough hands-on skills training in a setting that's fun and relaxing. Whether you're a fiber newbie or a seasoned pro, all leave our class comfortable in using their training in the field.

All FiberNexxt instructors are FOA-certified. Our contractors are certified and active practicioners.


Levi West Jr., Lead Instructor and

Lead Contractor

Levi is a veteran independent splicing contractor and trainer. He has developed techs part-time since starting his career in 1996 and full-time since 2009 with FiberNexxt. Levi holds the following FOA certifications: Certified Fiber Optic Technician (CFOT), Certified Fiber Optic Specialist Splicing (CFOS/S), CFOS/Testing, CFOS/Connectors, and CFOS/Instructor.

All FiberNexxt Instructors Have Fiber Optic Certification

All of our full-time staff, technicians, and instructors have fiber optic certification from one of the leading certification organizations. Also, all instructors are contractors or active fiber technicians. This means students learn from real-world practioners.


  • “Everyone (and I mean everyone) has absolutely raved about the class and its instructor. All of the students are absolutely overjoyed with the course.” 

Mark R.


  • “FiberNexxt, "I want to personally thank you for this class. I really didn't think I would really have learned what I did. Again,... great job in what you taught us.” 

Shelia J.


  • “You were the perfect choice for this effort. You are making a difference in the lives of everyone who's taken the course. All I can say is well done..., well done!”

Greg W.


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