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Certified Fiber Optic Contractors Offer Services (click for more information)

Our certified fiber optic contractors. Our certified, skilled fiber technicians offer services in aerial and underground cable preparation, fusion splicing, connector termination, testing and troubleshooting. We also provide field training services for new hires. Call for a free consultation today.

4-Day & 1-Day Fiber Optic Certification (click for more information)

We offer 1-day and 4-day certified fiber optic training. Become a fiber optic technician at our 4-day, fiber optic certification course. Experienced fiber techs may qualify for our one-day certification. Choose the course that fits your needs. Call for more information.

FOA Approved Fiber Optic Training
Hands On Training
Fiber Splicing
Day 4 Fiber Optic Class Project
Fiber Cables

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