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Fiber Optic Contractors For Your Fiber Project 

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Certified Fiber Optic Contractors for Your Needs

Based in Marietta, Georgia near Atlanta, our certified fiber contractors have a combined 20+ years of experience and Fiber Optic Association (FOA) certification. 

Our fiber splicing contractors specialize in fusion splicing and handle fiber termination, testing, troubleshooting, and emergency outage repairs. We work in a variety of environments including inside/outside plant, fiber to the home and field training.

Our clients include broadband providers, internet service providers, co-ops, telecomm companies, FTTH contractors, data centers, and electric utility construction services.

Arrange a free consultation with our lead contractor at (678) 515-0115.

We offer a range of services including:

  • Document fiber cable location, connectivity, and troubleshooting results for record updates

  • Perform insertion loss, power, and OTDR test

  • Prepare and fusion splice 12ct, 48ct, and 96ct+ fiber cables, pedestals, enclosures, and cabinets

  • Repair and splice SM cables in FDH, MINI NIU and point of contact access locations for FTTH installation

  • Complete mid-entries, troubleshoot, report low light levels on pedestals, and test signal quality on FTTH network

  • Verify fiber paths for upgrading customer network services to DWDM or CWDM


Certified Fiber Optic Training For Your Team

Our fiber optic contractors are also certified instructors by the Fiber Optic Association (FOA). Learn basic fiber optic installation skills or enhance your experience with FOA certification. Attend training in our classrooms or let us bring training to you. We provide skills training or training with fiber optic certification. Call us to discuss your needs.

We also offer 1-Day or 2-Day advanced fiber optic certification classes for your experienced techs and managers with 2+ years of experience.

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