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Fiber Technician Training

FiberNexxt Communications offers certified fiber technician training. Our courses have Fiber Optic Association (FOA) approval. Globally recognized, the FOA certified more than 50,000 technicians since 1996. It is influential in setting fiber optic standards. Also, the US Department of Labor recognizes FOA certification. All FiberNexxt instructors are FOA certified.

FiberNexxt's certified fiber training means marketable, real-world skills, and knowledge. New technicians get a sound foundation. Seasoned fiber professionals strengthen their experience with industry-recognized credentials. Both receive the Certified Fiber Optic Technician certification from the FOA. All courses take place in our classroom in Marietta, Georgia. Small classes range from 4-6 students. This allows grasp of fundamental concepts, development of skills under close supervision, and allows ample time to prepare for the certification exam.

Fiber Optics Contractor Services

Like FiberNexxt's instructors, our staff technicians are FOA certified. Company technicians work in fiber cable preparation and termination, splice, make connector termination, test, troubleshoot, and more. Past projects include but are not limited to fiber to the home, inside and outside plant splicing, WDM, CWDM, and data centers.

Services Tailored to Your Need

Our company offers its best in training and contracting services. Whether joining us in our classrooms, bringing our class to you, or helping you on your next project, call us. Let FiberNexxt Communications be your fiber optic technology source. Call today.

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