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FiberNexxt Communications Team


Levi West Jr., Lead Instructor and

Lead Contractor

Levi is a veteran independent splicing contractor and trainer. He has trained techs part-time since starting his career in 1996 and full-time since 2009 with FiberNexxt. Levi holds the following FOA certifications: Certified Fiber Optic Technician (CFOT), Certified Fiber Optic Specialist Splicing (CFOS/S), CFOS/Testing, CFOS/Connectors, and CFOS/Instructor.

All FiberNexxt instructors and contractors are certified. As active practitioners, we teach what we do.


  • “Everyone (and I mean everyone) has absolutely raved about the class and its instructor. All of the students are absolutely overjoyed with the course.” 

Mark R.


  • “FiberNexxt, "I want to personally thank you for this class. I really didn't think I would really have learned what I did. Again,... great job in what you taught us.” 

Shelia J.


  • “You were the perfect choice for this effort. You are making a difference in the lives of everyone who's taken the course. All I can say is well done..., well done!”

Greg W.


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