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Fiber Optic Contracting, Tech Training, and Fiber Optic Tech Certification

FiberNexxt Communications has knowledgeable, certified fiber contractors. We offer solutions for installation projects including fiber to the home, splicing, testing, and troubleshooting. Our specialty is field training and supervision for new hires. Our service reduces a new associate's learning curve on company procedures and equipment or project standards of work. It is a good way to increase productivity.

Our fiber optic school serves beginner to advanced students. We offer certified fiber optic technician training that prepares participants for entry-level positions. Veteran fiber technicians use our courses to advance their careers. Choose from our catalog. We offer classes in our classrooms or we bring custom programs to you.

FiberNexxt's contracting services cover a wide variety of needs. Our services include inside and outside plant, fiber to the home, splicing, testing, troubleshooting, and field training.

Field experience is a plus in our fiber optic school. All instructors have worked on a variety of projects so students get exposure, hands-on training, and industry knowledge. All instructors have Fiber Optic Association certification, a recognized certification. 

FOA Approved Fiber Optic Training
Hands On Training
Fiber Splicing
Day 4 Fiber Optic Class Project
Fiber Cables

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