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Fiber Optic Training and Certification for Techs and Teams


Fiber Optic Training and Certification for you

The Fiber Optic Association (FOA) certifies our training and all instructors have FOA certification. At our school in Marietta, Georgia, you learn the FiberNexxt Way, a combination lectures, reviews, and hands-on skills that prepares you to perform most fiber optic tasks. Our tech certification classes have a 99.5 percent pass rate and require no previous experience. As a result,many students successfully gain FOA certification which is nationally and internationally recognized.

Boost Your Team's Skills With Fiber Optic Training

Prepare new techs for the field or enhance knowledge for seasoned technicians with our classes. In addition to our certification classes, we offer skills-training-only training that helps your team get an efficient start on most projects. We can also provide training at your location. Our focus is preparing professionals for today's fiber optic projects.

Our student-focused training, set in a comfortable environment, prepares you for today's fiber optic projects. For more information, browse our website or talk with a team member at (678) 515-0115.  

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