Engineer or technician checking fiber optic cables in internet splitter box.Fiber to the h

 Tech installing network interface device during FTTH project.

Experienced, Certified Fiber Contractors Ready for Your Next Fiber Project

Our certified fiber contractors have extensive experience. Our offices are in Marietta, Georgia near Atlanta. We offer services such as fiber cable terminations, fusion splicing, testing and troubleshooting.

Our fiber installation contractors have worked in a variety of environments including inside/outside plant, fiber to the home and field training. Find out more information in our contractor services section.

For more information about our contracting services, call us at (678) 515-0115.


Students completing an installation simulation.

Fiber Optic Certification Classes

Come to our Fiber Optic Association (FOA) school and learn basic skills for fiber contractor jobs. Our FOA-approved, 4-day fiber tech certification class may be a fit for those with little or no experience.

We have 1-day fiber tech certification classes for experienced techs and managers with 2+ years experience. Our skill builder classes teach just the skills, a good option if you're looking to start a career as soon as possible. Find out more information on all of our training in the fiber optic classes section.

Our classes meet in Marietta, Georgia near Atlanta. Our offices are convenient to hotels, restaurants and Interstate 75.

For more information about our classes, call us at (678) 515-0115